Newegg unveils new online store for tech DIYers

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Newegg PC Builder

Some customers want to build their own PC, and Newegg is now catering to them.

The tech-focused e-tailer is introducing the Newegg PC Builder, a one-stop online shop for designing and building custom PCs. The Newegg PC Builder delivers a PC configuration tool that eliminates the need to consider hardware compatibility. As a result, Newegg can enable both novices and experts to compile and purchase the necessary parts to build their own custom PC.

Customers navigate an intuitive workflow to configure a PC to suit their individual needs and budget, with the ability to purchase all the necessary components via a single transaction. Since Newegg PC Builder entered public beta testing in the past few weeks, thousands of customers have designed their own custom PCs using the platform.

Customers start by choosing any part, then the Newegg PC Builder automatically filters out incompatible parts. This process continues as subsequent components are added to the build, ensuring the customer can only select from parts that are assured to work together. Once a build is fully configured, the shopper can experiment with substituting components to either tweak performance capabilities or adjust the overall cost.

First-time builders may opt to begin with one of Newegg’s three preconfigured options, which currently include budget, mainstream, and enthusiast builds. Once they have selected the build that most closely suits their needs and budget, customers can add their own custom features by substituting as many components as they would like. After customers receive their parts, they can view Newegg’s “How To Build Your Own PC” video tutorial for additional guidance on completing their build at home.

“Newegg got its start nearly two decades ago selling components to tech enthusiasts, many of whom built their own computers long before home PC building caught on as a mainstream trend,” said Anthony Chow, Newegg global CEO. “The Newegg PC Builder is a direct connection to our DIY roots, and we’re excited about empowering the next generation of home PC builders.”