Newegg integrates ChatGPT AI into online shopping experience

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Newegg ChatGPT
Newegg is providing ChatGPT functionality in its PC Builder tool (Credit: Newegg).

Newegg Commerce Inc. is deploying a leading-edge artificial intelligence (AI) solution across its e-commerce site.

The global technology e-commerce retailer is implementing the  ChatGPT AI model, which interacts with users in a conversational style that mimics human interaction and uses machine learning (ML) to continually refine and improve its responses, in a number of key customer-facing areas of its site.

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Newegg has started using ChatGPT for its PC Builder shopping tool that is designed to help customers select a desktop PC, as well as to optimize text content throughout its website. The retailer is also leveraging the AI technology to transform customer service chat, customer email subject lines, and search engine optimization.

Following are brief looks at exactly how Newegg has integrated ChatGPT into each one of these

PC Builder

Newegg is deploying ChatGPT within its PC Builder tool, which helps customers select parts to purchase a desktop PC system with individually tailored components and specifications. Customers can choose preselected options like the intended PC use, processor, graphics card and price. The AI allows customers to search by their chosen parameters to obtain detailed desktop PC options.

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Website text

Newegg also uses ChatGPT to modify text throughout its site to help customers browse and discover tech products. These include product detail page titles, summaries, and descriptions.

Customer service chat

In Newegg’s customer service chat, ChatGPT can help customers obtain optimized answers to their inquiries and alert Newegg staff to resolve concerns when necessary. The retailer expects the ChatGPT-based chatbot to save time for customer service personnel to focus on more complex customer issues. ChatGPT can also handle more customer topics than Newegg’s previous AI-based chatbots..

Customer email subject lines

Newegg is generating and testing customer email subject lines using ChatGPT to improve open rate. The solution suggests subject lines based on analytical data for consideration.

Search engine optimization

For its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, Newegg implements ChatGPT to help create on-site text and descriptions that are intended to improve customer shopping experiences by generating targeted content. ChatGPT can also provide succinct content optimized for search engines like Google and Bing.

“We’re always evaluating our e-commerce technology to ensure we’re providing the best customer experience. Through testing, we’ve proven that ChatGPT has a practical use for Newegg based on the added quality and efficiency it creates,” said Lucy Huo, VP of application development for Newegg.

“We deployed ChatGPT to improve content both on-site and off-site to help customers find what they want and elevate their experience. AI doesn’t replace employees, but it adds resources so employees are available to handle more complex projects. We’re still in the early phases of AI but the benefits for e-commerce may be substantial.”

Headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., Newegg was founded in 2001 and serves a global customer base throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. The company offers direct sales and an online marketplace platform for PC and IT hardware, consumer electronics, automotive, gaming products and finished goods.