Newegg provides ChatGPT plugin to customers

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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ChatGPTPlus PC Builder
Newegg is providing a new tool for ChatGPT Plus subscribers (Image: Newegg).

Desktop PC builders have a new artificial intelligence (AI)-aided design option at Newegg.

The global technology e-commerce retailer is introducing a ChatGPT plugin for the Newegg PC Builder, its one-stop online shop for designing and building custom PCs. The new plugin leverages ChatGPT, an AI model which interacts with users in a conversational style that mimics human interaction and uses machine learning (ML) to continually refine and improve its responses, to help members of the ChatGPT Plus subscription plan from ChatGPT developer OpenAI  assemble PC components to build their desired desktop PC.

The new PC Builder plugin is now available for both the GPT-4 desktop and mobile platforms. With Newegg’s PC Builder plugin, GPT-4 users can enter details for their desired future PC build including component preferences, performance requirements, PC usage, and budget. GPT-4 will then display the name, price, image and link for each component of the recommended PC build.

After GPT-4 has assembled the components, users can find their PC Builder list on for additional customization and checkout.

“As a leader in implementing AI for e-commerce, Newegg continues to integrate AI into our services, including new entry points for users. We saw a great opportunity to create a ChatGPT plugin to enable subscribers to assemble parts for their dream machine directly within the GPT-4 platform,” said Lucy Huo, VP of dpplication Development for Newegg. “Our programmers are investing hundreds of hours weekly on AI-related projects for our platforms including a new AI shopping experience. In addition, we also see opportunities to utilize non-Newegg AI platforms to connect with users wherever they are.”

The PC Builder ChatGPT plugin is available in the plugin store for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

Newegg engages with ChatGPT

Newegg, which runs its PC Builder tool on a ChatGPT platform, has also utilized ChatGPT to support several other digital offerings. For example, the e-tailer has rolled out Home Showcase, an interactive online shopping experience for home products.

Newegg developed Home Showcase with Stable Diffusion AI (a text-to-image AI model) to improve product photos to illustrate features for customers and ChatGPT to create product descriptions and text on abbreviated quick view pages.

The retailer also utilizes the ChatGPT AI model to continually refine and improve its responses, in a number of key customer-facing areas of its site. These include the PC Builder shopping tool, as well as to optimize text content throughout its website and to transform customer service chat, customer email subject lines, and search engine optimization.